REVIEW: *NEW* Dr LeWinn’s Multi Moisture Balm

A product that multi-tasks almost as well as a woman

Say hello to the new member of the Dr LeWinn’s family, the Multi Moisture Balm. She’s only two weeks old, but she can do so much already so I think she’s going to do pretty well.

Multi Moisture Balm can be used as a (take a deep breath) daily moisturiser, hydrating mask, lip ointment, make-up remover and hand and cuticle cream!

dr lewinns multi moisture balm review

The multi-tasking product is made from lovely ingredients including avocado oil and buriti oil to soothe, repair and provide all-over nourishment, plus the fatty acids, vitamins and minerals found in almond oil and jojoba oil for  hydration. And look at what these ingredients create,  a luminous orange gel that has the consistency of Paw Paw, with a beautiful citrus smell!

dr lewinns multi moisture balm review

So it can talk the talk, but can it walk the walk? I put each claim to the test…

As a moisturiser

This is lovely moisture rich formula that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It is a bit greasy, so I use it at night so that my skin has plenty of time to absorb the oils. I’ve been using it for a week and it hasn’t cleared up some of my dry patches, but not all.

As a mask

Applying a thick layer of this balm makes you look horrifically sunburnt while it’s on, but really it’s pampering your skin. Plus the gel-like consistency doesn’t harden or dry out like other face masks, so it’s more comfortable to use. However, unlike other face masks, I didn’t notice any radiance or a get a refreshed feeling so I stuck with just using it as a daily.

As a cuticle oil

When rubbed into your cuticles it is absorbed well, so no greasy handshakes.

As a lip ointment

Don’t worry it doesn’t make your lips orange! It just leaves them glossy with a citrus taste.

As a make-up remover

If you dot the balm on your face, wet your hands and work it in, it actually lathers up a little. It wasn’t as effective as my other cleansers, but it did a good job considering it’s really a moisturiser!

As a foot cream

I thought I’d give it a go on my feet too. Why not? Instead of your typical peppermint tingling cream, it feels like it heats up as you rub it in (but maybe that’s just my weird feet?), and it nourished my heels nicely.

Overall I think Dr Lewinn’s Multi Moisture Balm is perfect for packing in your weekend bag as it’s so many product in one. It’s also very gentle and good for sensitive skin, so it was just what the doctor ordered!

If you fancy getting your hands on it too, Priceline have it on discount and with a free gift! Usual price is $29.99.

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