REVIEW: Vani-T Mineral Make-up

Rich pigments, natural formulas and decadent packaging, this is a mineral make-up brand you need to know about

Have you ever been wandering around a department store and found yourself in a chair having a ‘mineral make-up miracle’ buffed over your face, only to look in the mirror and still see every spot and red patch?

I have, and it made me taint mineral face make-up with a bad name.

That was until recently, when I was introduced to the Vani-T mineral make-up range. Vani-T’s ethical beauty products include natural and organic make-up, fake tan, face and body products, with packaging just as glamorous as its contents, but I’ll let you see that for yourself…

Vani- T Mineral Powder Foundation

Vani-T Mineral Foundation reviewShade: Biscuit $65.95

Before I talk about the foundation, can we all just stand back and take a moment to appreciate the kabuki brush…Yes, they are Swarovski crystals, and it also comes with a little protective silver pouch.

Onto the foundation, Vani-T’s formula is perfect for the summer. Unlike other mineral brands, their lightweight Powder Foundation is talc-free so it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry. It’s also naturally water resistant and contains SPF.

vani-t make up review

This is great everyday natural foundation for when my skin is dry from all the lotions and potions I test (including wine).

You can see the dryness on my nose, but the dry patches on my forehead and cheeks are concealed pretty well, something most of my other foundations struggle to do.

Vani-T Mineral Blush

Vani-T blush desert reviewShade: Desert (can also be worn as an eyeshadow) $40.95

When I first swept this blush up my cheekbones I was amazed by the colour pigments.

The rich colour contains tiny sparkles and mica minerals to creates a luminous finish. You only have to use a tiny bit, so it will last you a life time!

Plus it contains SPF and squalene to promote cell regeneration and oxygenation. What more could you ask for?

Vani-T blush review

Go ahead and give Vani-T a try, if they’re good enough for Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole, they’re certainly good enough for me!

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