REVIEW: label. m’s Thickening Cream

As a woman, it’s important to be well-endowed in certain departments and there’s a part of me that I wish would be a bit bigger…

“It’s not that bad,” say my friends when I show them. “But yours is so much bigger and sexier,” I whine back. I’m talking of course about my hair.

The thick, bouncy locks of Cheryl Cole and every Victoria Secrets model have me foaming at the mouth. Okay, I know it’s probably fake, but unless you can afford to spend a few hundred on hair extensions and weekly blow dries, you have to work with what you’ve got. My hair is fine and goes wispy at the ends. If I want any noticeable body it involves a lot of backcombing, which always falls flat on the day I wash it. This is where label. m’s Thickening Cream comes in.

thickening cream

Just pump one or two drops into your hand, then comb through. When blasting your hair with the dryer you can feel it getting to work as it “actively swells hair.” As you run your fingers through it whilst blow drying, you can feel a slight coating on your hair, as if a light mist of hairspray has been applied. Grow. GROW! Don’t worry, this texture disappears once it’s dry. But boosting body isn’t all it does; it also injects moisture and protects the hair from heat and UV rays.

My hair looks plumped up and thicker. The image below was taken right after I’ve dried it – hence the scarecrow-ness. I get most of the body in the mid-lengths of my hair; it only thickens the ends a tad. I know you’re probably thinking my locks don’t look that thick, but that just shows you how thin my hair is!


DSCN3089Remember girls, it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it!

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