REVIEW: The Body Shop All in One BB Cream

A BB Cream with a difference

I’ve never been seduced by BB creams.

They don’t give me a good coverage like foundation, the colour is normally all wrong for my fair skin tone and the only areas they seem to stick to are my dry patches.

I’ve always preferred tinted moisturisers, however, The Body Shop has made me see theirs in a new light; a white-then-nude light to be exact.

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This is their All-In-One BB Cream ($21.95) that transforms from a pearly white cream to suit your tone as you swirl it onto your skin – it was first used with a lot of ‘oooh’-ing. The ‘All-In-One’ comes from its 24 hour hydration and non-clogging formula, so The Body Shop say it’s ‘make-up and skincare in one’. Why is this a BB cream and not a tinted moisturiser? Because it gives more coverage. Here’s what it looks like on…

In the photo below, I’m wearing the BB Cream on just the right side of my face . As you can see it has adapted to my skin tone pretty well!

The Body shop bb cream review

In the photo below, I have applied to all of my face.

photo 4(1)

The lovely light, non-greasy consistency sinks into the skin, which has given me an even finish and coverage, as opposed to thick formulas that just sit on the surface. It also lasts longer than other BB creams I have tested

If you look closely you’ll see it has clung to the dry patch on the bridge of my nose (the red patch that looks like a big spot), but that’s a bit of eczema and none of my foundations are covering that up at the moment.

I’d recommend it for those who find it hard to find the right BB cream for their skin tone, but if you’re prone to dry patches I’d opt for a tinted moisturiser, or mix the two.

Bravo Body Shop, you’ve done well.

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