5 Tips For Flawless Foundation

Smooth away streaks and reach every crease by following this application advice

There are certain products in your cosmetic closet that are worth investing in, and the product most worthy of your pounds is foundation. Cheap foundation doesn’t stay on, most look uneven or patchy and they’re usually the wrong colour for your skin. You end up using more and buying different ones to find your right shade, which results in wasted money. Foundation is the base for beautiful make-up, so give yourself a great start and invest in quality coverage.

In my quest for the best one, I was introduced to Estee Lauder’s top selling foundation, Double Wear. It matched my skin brilliantly and stays perfect for up to 15 hours. I had to have it.

However, when I painted Double Wear onto my face at home, I didn’t achieve the smooth, matte finish I got in store. I went back to find out why the make-up artist’s brush skills were like waving a wand, and mine were like dragging a stick along the sand.

Estee Lauder own several cosmetic companies including MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and Clinique. They’re are cosmetic queens and showed me how to apply foundation properly. I also got tips from MAC when I bought their excellent foundation brush, 190.

double wear MAC 109


Your skin needs to be as smooth as possible. So first of all make sure you exfoliate twice a week to scrub off dead skin.


Pour a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand and dot foundation on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. “You should see the face like a flower,” says Sandra, an Estee Lauder consultant. “The nose is the centre, the other areas are petals.” Starting at the nose, brush the foundation upwards and outwards. For the lower half of your face (below the nose) brush downwards because this is the way your facial hairs grow.



The main reason foundation streaks is because you’re using too much. “Start with a light coat first, then build up in the areas where you need slightly more coverage,” says Sandra.


The experts at MAC say you should hold the brush where the metal meets the wood, and use the whole length of the bristles for applying foundation. Then hold the brush at the end, and using just the tips of the bristles, create short light strokes. This will blend in streaks.


5. PAT

If you can still see a couple of streaks, pat the side of brush over them to blot them out.

blottingGoodbye cheap and streaky, hello flawless!


Please excuse my bushy eyebrow.

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