Liz Earle: my number one girl

Suitable for those who want complexion perfection

Have you heard of the British beauty brand Liz Earle? If you’re reading this from the UK, 80% of you will say yes. If you’re reading this from Australia, 80% of you will say no. So let me introduce you to my favourite skincare brand from my homeland.

liz earle review

Liz Earle is an entirely natural and organic beauty brand for all ages. They’re renowned for their botanical skincare range, but their cosmetics and hair care products are making noises too.

Except from when I’m testing other skincare products, I use Liz Earle all year round. Every summer my eczema flairs up and this is the only brand I have found so far to keep it under control. It also reduces redness, keeps my skin tone even,  clear and hydrated during the chilly winter months.

When I’m not using Liz Earle, my skin goes like this…

before Liz Earle

After a few days of using Liz Earle it goes like this…

After Liz Earle

So let me tell you a little about some of the products I use…


Cleanse and Polish, £13.25

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish review

This creamy plant-based cleanser is their bestseller, and has won over 100 awards! I don’t really need to say much more, nevertheless it cleanses, purifies and gently washes away all make-up and dirt with provided muslin cloths, leaving skin soft and clean. This one was a limited edition summer scent.

Face Exfoliator, £14

liz earle exfoliator

When my face is dry and flaky from my eczema, the teeny tiny jojoba beads softly smooth away the dead cells. while hydrating and softening. It says it’s not suitable for sensitive skin, but mine loves it!

Instant Boost Skin Tonic, £13.25

Liz Earle toner review

For skin that tingles with refreshment without drying it out, try this toner. It also comes in a handbag sized spritzer bottle, which I top up and mist on before bed or whenever my skin needs a little boost.

Eyebright, £10.75

Liz Earle eye bright

You know those mornings when your eyes refuse to remain open? Eyebright makes those a little easier with their revitalising formula. It’s far quicker than a coffee.

Skin Repair Moisturiser (Dry/Sensitive), £19.25

photo 4(1)

photo 5

This was the first Liz Earle product I tried. My mum thrust a pot into my hands when my face turned into sandpaper one summer, and I’ve never loved a moisturiser more. Its buttery texture is ultra-hydrating and it smells divine; one whiff reminds me of home.


If my words haven’t persuaded you to give Liz Earle a try, maybe the hundreds of five-star product reviews will. Plus they arrive beautifully packaged and you get a free sample with every order!

Go on, even she’s keen…

Liz Earle Australia

Please note I was not paid by Liz Earle for this post nor gifted any products from them. I genuinely love it.

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