Finding my perfect shade

Burberry sunglasses: 100% perfect, 50% off!

It’s pretty embarrassing how many times I have walked into Sunglass Hut in Perth’s Harbour Town, tried on 10 pairs and walked back out again. I just never found the perfect pair, and by perfect I mean a high quality brand, great shape, dark lenses that don’t show your eyes, polarised so the Perth sun doesn’t fry my eyes, firm on my face and under $200.

Yeah, I’m fussy. Several weeks after my last visit – I had to start spacing them out – I wandered in and THERE THEY WERE!

burberry sunglasses

Winking at me from the stand were these uber cool Burberry BE 4131 polarised shades with 50% off! 50% off! I picked them up, admired their shape and opaque lenses, slid the sturdy trademarked checkered arms onto my face, and they fell straight down my nose. I felt like they had slapped me.

It turned out the 50% discount was because their beautiful arms were bent out of shape. I shook my pea-sized head (seriously, I have a kid’s riding hat) and thought it was game over, until the melting machine reared its awesome head.

The girl in the store heated and bent the arms back to normal size (plus a bit extra) so that they stayed firmly on my face. SOLD!


Perfect fit, polarised, sexy, within my price range and BURBERRY! Who are one of my favourite brands for their modern designs, timeless cuts, and unmistakably British style.

I fist pumped the air then skipped out of the store, swinging my paper bag to and fro and high-fiving the stream of shoppers all the way to the exit. Pharrel Williams’ song ‘Happy’ was playing in the background.

Well at least that’s how I remember it, it was probably a little different.

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