Go pink for the McGrath Foundation with label m.

Your war paint against breast cancer this year is Label m’s Powder Pink Spray

High fashion haircare brand label.m are joining the fight against breast cancer. As of tomorrow (1st of July), they will be donating $5 from every can of Powder Pink Spray to the McGrath Foundation, which helps provide Aussie women with breast cancer access to specialist care and support through McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

The label.m Powder Pink Spray costs $34.95, which is far cheaper than going to the salon, and you can have a spontaneous colour burst  in seconds. I used this product when it launched back home last August, and it’s so fun to use! You can build up the colour and go as bold as you dare, create ombre tips or finely mist all over for an icy pink finish. It’s perfect for those who fancy a pop of pink for just a night out/weekend/photoshoot/festival as it washes out without a trace, even on bleach blondes.

But it doesn’t just colour your hair; the mattifying formula adds texture, volume and thickness. I could go on, but you can see my full review and how to use it by clicking here.


If you want to join the battle against breast cancer, find your nearest armoury here and grab the most awesome war paint out there.

We’re coming to kick your arse, cancer, and we’re going to look damn good while we’re doing it too.

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