Ring, ring. Sale calling!

Mix up your metal with gorgeous dainty rings from Lovisa

Delicate, dainty rings are winning hands down over chunky bold pieces right now, and I got a beautiful range when I ducked into Lovisa last week.lovisa-sale-rings

They have a mega sale on at the moment, and if there’s one thing I love more than peanut butter, it’s a bargain! I got all 10 of these rings for $10! One more time, $10! Two of them are even sterling silver!

That’s because they have a ‘3 for $10’ deal on. This lot came in a pack:


and these two came separately:


This is amazing news if you love loading up your fingers, mixing your metal (the ‘don’t mix gold and silver’ rule has been well and truly broken over recent years), or you have a nasty habit of taking them off and abandoning them by the sinks of public toilets.

Lovisa also have necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and bracelets galore, so stock up while you can!

If you missed out on the sale, just pop over to their outlet in Harbour Town and you’ll be sure to find some buried treasure.

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