REVIEW: L’Anza KB2 Protein Reconstructor Hair Treatment

For a protein shot and silky locks try L’Anza’s KB2 Protein Reconstructor.

What can you do in 3-5 minutes? Make a cup of tea, check your emails, eat half a family sized chocolate trifle (true story, shameful moment). How about transform your parched hair into a silky mane? Girls, get your hands on L’Anza’s KB2 Protein Reconstructor.

Lanza KB2 Protein Reconstructor review

For quite a while my hair has been dry, weak and a bit frizzy. I always tried to soothe it with weekly moisturising masks, but it wasn’t until my hairdresser told me I need to alternate between moisturising and protein treatments. So I searched online for a treatment rich in protein when I stumbled across  L’Anza’s KB2 Protein Reconstructor.

I don’t normally trust a treatment with such a short leave-in time as I’m sceptical about what they can really do in just a few minutes. I’ve also never used any products by L’Anza before, so I was seriously living on the edge when I clicked ‘Add to Bag’ on Beauty Bay.

Apart from waiting an epic 20 working days for the product to arrive (naughty BeautyBay), I never regretted my decision! The product smells so good you could eat it; exactly like those foamy banana sweets you bought as a kid (that you always suspected were slightly stale). I noticed a super silky difference from the first use and my hair is far less frizzy on the ends. I’m not sure why, but ever since I moved to Perth, I’ve had unruly, dry ends, but this treatment has soothed and sealed them.

The only criticism I have is the packaging. The bottle is quite firm so getting the product out is a two hand job, however I’ve found a way around this is to squeeze a pile on your thigh, scoop it up and plaster it on. It would be far nicer in a tub.

Lanza KB2 Protein Reconstructor review

I’ve used this treatment three times now and can really feel the difference when I’ve washed it and used the treatment. I got mine for $30, but it’s now down to $20!

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