4 ways to wear Benefit’s High Beam

Tricks to turn High Beam into 3 other Benefit products

The night of my school prom, I left my house arm in arm with my childhood sweetheart, but only two hours before, I was introduced to a new love: Benefit’s High Beam.


I’ve had the same bottle ever since; yep, almost 6 years! So its price of £19.50 works out at just £3.25 per year, and will go down even more as I still have plenty left! On average I use it once a week, and I don’t care if it has gone out of date, it still gives the same illuminating kisses it did when I first fell for it.

Here are the ways you can use this heavenly highlighter…

1. Cheeks

Dot it up the cheeks to above the outer tips of the eyebrows to sculpt and accentuate your cheek and brow bones.

2. Lips

Dot a tiny amount above the Cupid’s bow and bend outwards for fuller pout. It gives the same affect as Benefit’s Cupid’s Bow highlighter pencil, which I think Benefit have discontinued.

3. Brows

Dab a small amount under and either side of your brow’s arch to highlight and brighten the eyes. This will give a similar effect to Benefit’s High Brow.

4. All over

Mix a small amount in with you moisturiser, primer or foundation for the illuminated skin That Gal gives.

So there you have it, buy High Beam and you’ll be getting 4 Benefit products in one! No wonder it’s one of their best sellers.

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